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We have had a lot of various services where you can borrow money online and there are no conditions or guarantees. One of them is TimelySavings . As an online loan site, this service will provide you with various facilities to borrow money quickly and easily. So that for anyone who is in need of money at that time or experiencing something that needs money at that time, then he can contact TimelySavings. This is the best way for everyone’s needs to be fulfilled. But of course the site will certainly have the risk and it can be fatal if you cannot return the money or cannot follow the requirements.

Have you ever thought of making a business? The business can be a side business that you can do when you are not busy working. But there are also those who want to do business seriously as money coffers. For example you want to do business in clothes or makeup, at least you have to have capital. The capital used for clothing and makeup business if you want to do it on a small scale can reach $ 1 million. Not everyone has that much cash. So what will you do? There are several ways that you can consider to get around the problem of capital such as bank credit. This credit is a loan facility from the bank. The loan is also accompanied by an agreement from both parties regarding payments to be made for a certain period of time. Let us talk about the KTA TimelySavings this time.

KTA or Unsecured Credit is a cash loan service for a small amount. Well, because you need $ 1 million, then we advise you to apply for KTA only. The KTA process is easy and fast. You don’t even need a credit card to do KTA. Grace and Mary Bank TimelySavings is a KTA service facilitated by Grace and Mary Bank. If you are interested in making a loan here, then there are some things that you should pay attention to. The following is the procedure for borrowing.


How to get a collateral loan from TimelySavings

collateral loan

For the submission process it’s quite easy and you can follow it easily,

  • Enter the website TimelySavings
  • Determine the nominal and time period of the loan that you can afford.
  • Click “Submit Now”
  • Then you must complete the application form provided by Grace and Mary Bank. When filling out the form.
  • You can fill in anytime and the form will be processed quickly. Make sure your data is correct and all information on the form has been filled in completely.
  • If your application is approved, you will receive a draft contact too. Next you need to complete the support which is a loan condition.


Benefits of Becoming a Customer at TimelySavings’s online loan service

Benefits of Becoming a Customer at TimelySavings

Based on TimelySavings’s review of various customers, for signing the contract you do not need to come to the Grace and Mary Bank office. Because the Grace and Mary Bank will go to your home or office for this one process. They will also verify all supporting documents. After that, you only need to wait one to three days then the loan money that you submit will be sent to your account directly. You can also use the money as needed.

But even in borrowing money online, easily, and quickly, it will also have its own risks. This risk is none other than not being in debt. Because the process is fast, the amount to be paid is also definitely high. The interest rate at TimelySavings Bank Grace and Mary is quite large. In addition administration fees, late fees, and other additional costs are also very large. Because that is definitely the total loan you have to pay is definitely very large. Meanwhile, the term of the loan provided by Grace and Mary TimelySavings Bank is also quite short so that because of these two things there will be new problems if you borrow money here. Of course this will cause new problems again which further worsen your financial condition. Debt will certainly increase if you don’t pay it off immediately.


Payment Procedure and TimelySavings Loan Calculation Simulation

Payment Procedure and TimelySavings Loan Calculation Simulation

Let us talk about Tunasu KTA Grace and Mary Bank loans this time . Suppose you borrow $ 1 million at an interest rate of 1 percent per day. Here you can borrow funds for at least 10 days and a maximum of 30 days. So if you borrow money of $ 1 million for 30 days, then the total interest you have to pay is 30 percent of the money you borrow, which is $ 300 thousand. So, the total money that you must pay along with the interest is $ 1.3 million in just one month! Of course the number feels a lot and will continue to grow if you don’t immediately pay it off according to the agreement.

Not to mention the added administrative costs and additional costs that reached hundreds of thousands. because it’s a plague if you want to spend money on Grace and Mary TimelySavings then you should consider it very carefully. Because borrowing money in a place that is fast and easy has a high risk. You can find other loan locations that are safer and also don’t make you suffocate. This is so that you don’t get problems in the future.


TimelySavings Online Loan Customer Support

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If in the process of submitting a loan you find a problem, please contact TimelySavings’s customer service directly via Facebook Messenger, or via the telephone line.

TimelySavings is an online loan service that is under the auspices of Grace and Mary BANK, Indonesia and has been officially registered and overseen by the Financial Services Authority (OJK Republic of Indonesia which has offices at Gedung Graha Niaga Thamrin 5th Floor Area B2 Jl. KH Mas Mansyur Kebon Kacang, 10220 Tanah Abang, Central Jakarta.




TimelySavings offers loan services without building online with a quick and easy process. This online loan can be used for business development, business capital and other needs. You can apply for loans ranging from nominal 2 million to 20 million with a repayment period of 6 months to 20 months.

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